Unless you live under a rock with spotty WiFi, you already know that canned cocktails are a hot trend. Fresh on the heels of the hard seltzer frenzy, it appears that the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail category isn’t going anywhere.

Alcohol delivery platform ReserveBar seeks to deliver these popular canned beverages with its newest e-commerce website — just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl.

ReserveBar launched its new website Get Stocked today, which offers fast delivery of canned seltzers, cocktails, and other RTD goodies, according to an emailed press release. ReserveBar president Derek Correia says the move helps to expand the company’s consumer reach into the canned drinks sector. The launch is just the beginning; the company also plans to expand Get Stocked’s impact with new website functions, product offerings, community-building opportunities, and more.

Correia envisions the new website bringing cold canned drinks to consumers enjoying the moment wherever mixing up traditional cocktails aren’t practical — at the beach, on the golf green, or while enjoying a televised sports game.

“We’re really, at our heart, a technology company,” he says. “We’re always building and evolving technology that enables consumers to buy directly from retailers as conveniently (and in compliance) as we can.”

Beginning today, Get Stocked is offering 600 canned products for delivery, ranging from craft beer, RTDs, and hard seltzers to canned wine, canned cocktails, and non-alcoholic options — all available for on-demand delivery in select markets across the U.S.

The website plans to expand on that number in the coming months as it partners with more retailers, Correia says. It also intends to extend its retail partner base to 10,000 locations in the next one to two years.

Depending on state and local liquor regulations, some orders may be filled by more than one delivery driver. Split fulfillment delivery is set to serve customers in areas where malt beverages, wine, and spirits aren’t available in the same retail spaces.

Get Stocked also plans to feature local canned favorites and spotlight brands owned by women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Product listings on the new site also feature brand histories and product details — which Correia says benefits both consumers and beverage brands.

“We serve both the consumer as the constituent, but we’re also partners with the brands and suppliers that make them,” Correia says. “Get Stocked is a very valuable platform to our brand partners that make those kinds of products.”

This new RTD-focused launch might have some drinkers popping the bubbly — seltzer, that is.