Adventure-seeking entrepreneurs are being offered significant cash incentives to relocate to small villages in the Calabrian region of southwest Italy.

A group of tiny towns spread across mountain regions near the sea are seeking to reverse recent population declines by paying people up to $33,000 in “active residency income” to move in and start a business, CNN reports.

Those interested in the unique opportunity must be willing to move and obtain residency within 90 days of acceptance. Before retirees rush to relocate, applicants must be 40 years of age or under to qualify. With one of the oldest populations in the world, Italy is seemingly aiming to change the dynamic.

Money is paid out monthly over two to three years, as the program is designed to promote longevity and sustainability.

The pilot project was signed into law in December 2020, with approximately $825,000 earmarked for distribution, according to a press release. Gianluca Gallo, councilor for agriculture and economic development for the Calabria region, stated, “It is a social response, but also an entrepreneurial one, for those who want to take risks or live a different life.”

The campaign is not the first example of an Italian region seeking to buck the trend of declining populations via financial incentives. Most recently, homes in Sicily’s “City of Wine” were being offered for pocket change.

Thanks to Italy’s creative marketing campaigns, the country’s historic countryside may just become a hot spot for young people looking to enjoy a new life.