Game of Thrones might not release its final season until 2019, but if you happen to be in Australia, you can drink your anticipation away in a full-on Game of Thrones-themed wine festival: the Game of Rhones.

The name comes almost too natural for this not to be a thing. It even plays off the meme “Winter is coming” with “#WineIsComing.”

“Lords and ladies, brothers and warriors,” the event website reads, “the King requests you pledge your sword and ready your horse for the return of Game of Rhones, back bigger and thirstier than ever before.”

If that sentence isn’t enough to get a Game of Thrones fan going, nothing is. Game of Rhones will feature the grape varieties of the Rhone Valley: Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre, and others. It’ll feature more than 100 producers from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Game of Rhones will be held in Wellington, Auckland, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. In each city, producers will be “regaling our countrymen with wine, charred meats, and heroic tales.” Full dates can be found on the event’s website.