As if severe frost damage in 2016 wasn’t enough to devastate Champenoise winemakers, the fatal flurries have returned yet again this year, wreaking havoc across the entire region, Decanter reports.

Sub-zero overnight temperatures throughout the past week have caused damaging late-spring frosts to burden vineyards across the world’s most sought after sparkling wine region. According to Decanter, the Cote des Bars (Aube) was most likely hit the hardest. Last year, the region experienced equally significant losses due to harsh frosts on April 27th. Winemakers across the region have reported losses from 20 to 80 percent throughout their vineyards, a catastrophic statistic that is sure to impact production levels.

Temperatures fell below freezing overnight on Thursday, April 20th as well. “It is not the frosts which are later than they traditionally have been,” winemaker Olivier Horiot tells Decanter. “It’s the mild weather in March which has caused the vines to develop earlier than in the past.”

Full assessments of damage throughout the region will be clearer next week.