Champagne producer charged with looting historical sites While Indiana Jones has probably inspired more than a few amateur archeologists, some people are born with the dream. Like this Champagne producer:

A champagne producer has gone on trial accused of looting hundreds of historic French locations to indulge his lifelong passion for archaeology. Police found a collection of about 2,300 trouvailles – or lucky finds – worth nearly 100,000 euros (£79,131), when they searched his home. Their suspicions were aroused when they stopped his car for a routine check and found 112 Gallo-Roman coins in the vehicle. “I thought it was legal. I’m not a highway robber,” he said, adding that he had a “passion” for Gallic history and artifacts.

The presiding judge didn’t seem convinced:

The judge then asked if he had read “The Gallic Wars”, Julius Caesar’s firsthand account of his campaign in Gaul. “No,” the defendant replied, to which the judge said: “That’s a pity. It’s fascinating.”

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