For those born in 1999, this year marks a memorable milestone: 2020 is the year you can finally legally buy alcohol. (Not that you need reminding, we’re sure.)

To help honor the momentous occasion, Natty Light today announced that it is offering a free beer to everyone passing the milestone this year.

Newly-legal drinkers can redeem the free beer at any point in 2020 — regardless of whether it’s on their birthday or not — by heading to this website; proving they turned 21 this year; and providing a receipt for a Natty Light including location, date, and price. The brand will then refund the cost.

Natty Light is encouraging those taking part in the promotion to share their birthday celebration photos on social media by including #NattyBDay in the caption, and tagging @naturallightbeer on Instagram and @naturallight on Twitter. On the 21st of every month, Natty Light will then share the best photos across its social media platforms.

Here’s hoping it’s a memorable one! (Or perhaps not…?)