While the U.S. soccer team failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup, there’s been plenty of action to keep us entertained (like fun drinking games). But for California-based soccer fans, there’s now an extra incentive to take interest in the tournament: Bud Light announced it will help pay for “celebratory” beers if Mexico wins its upcoming Monday fixture.

There are, however, two considerable obstacles standing in Mexico’s (and thirsty fans’) way.

The first is their opponent, Brazil. One of the pre-tournament favorites, boasting superstar players like Neymar and Philippe Coutinho, no other nation has won more World Cups since the tournament’s 1930 inception than the seleção brasileira.

There’s also Mexico’s fabled “curse of the fifth game” to contend with, which Bud Light refers to in a recent Tweet. Only once in the nation’s history has Mexico managed to reach the fifth game of the World Cup (and that year they were hosting the tournament and buoyed by home support).

After Bud Light’s announcement, the Mexican support may now be boosted by large numbers of Californians, all of whom can take solace from the fact that the team is playing an attractive style of soccer, and has already defeated reigning champions Germany.

If Mexico manages to beat the odds on Monday, Bud Light says it will provide more details on how to get hold of the free beer. One thing’s for certain, though: Soccer fans are a thirsty, beer-drinking bunch, so Bud Light better stock up. Por la cerveza, México!