Celebrate your dirty thirties by showering in free beer — or by drinking it.

Colorado-based Breckenridge Brewery is celebrating its 30th anniversary by offering free 12-packs for anyone born in 1990. Applicants have to purchase the brewery’s 30th Anniversary Throwback Pack, then file for a rebate online with the offer number AB-2930.

The process is simpler than it sounds: Once you have a valid receipt and file it online, the brewery emails over an e-gift card to cover the purchase. While it might not be the free pour you were used to in your 20s, the Anniversary Pack comes with a new release and three different legacy brews to help you celebrate turning 30.

Breckenridge is Colorado’s third-oldest craft brewery. In 2015 it expanded to brew on what used to be a 12-acre carnation farm, where it’s stayed experimenting ever since. For the anniversary pack you can expect to find some of the company’s best brews from the past 30 years as well as an amped-up version of an old classic.

According to TimeOut, the pack includes four different beers. The Imperial Avalanche Amber Ale is a revamped version of the brewery’s classic amber ale, with pale, chocolate, and caramel malts. Next they’ve got the Trademark Pale Ale and Pandora’s Bock, which were both introduced in the early ‘90s. Finally, the Buddha’s Hand is a crisp, citrusy ale that perfectly rounds out the pack.

You can use this tool to find your closest retailer, and get ready to drink up — no birthday required.