After a long, hard bike ride, there’s nothing like rewarding yourself with a refreshing beer or ice cream. But wouldn’t it be even better if someone else were paying?

According to the BBC, the Northern Italian city of Bologna will give you free beer, ice cream, or movie tickets as a reward for using sustainable forms of transport.

The perks come as part of a program called Bella Mossa (“Good Job”), initiated by Urban Planner Marco Amadori. The program utilizes the Better Points app, where users are rewarded with points each time they make a journey by bike, public transport, or by foot. They can then exchange their points for a freebie of their choice at participating local businesses.

Points are rewarded on a per journey basis, rather than for distance covered. The app uses GPS tracking to make sure people aren’t cheating, and there’s a four journey daily limit to encourage users to keep using the app over time. Around eight journeys are required to claim something like an ice cream, the BBC says.

Bella Mossa runs from April through September, so you’ll need to wait until next year if you want to rack up points during a Bologna vacation. With free beer and cycling, we can’t think of a better a summer getaway.