After a slew of unenthusiastic wine drinkers, France has finally elected a president who finds the heart and soul of the country within the glass. Emmanuel Macron, France’s new leader, doesn’t just love wine. He finds his country’s identity in it.

In a recent interview with Terre de Vins, Macron stated that “Le vin, c’est l’âme française,” which means, “Wine, it’s the French soul.” In fact, his love for fermented grapes runs so deep, blind tasting has become a pastime for the newly elected leader — and he’s actually quite good. According to Decanter, Macron impressively identified a Bordeaux Blanc and a Côteaux d’Aix en Provence rosé in a recent blind tasting. He did make one tiny mistake though. He named a bottling of Pape-Clément as Pauillac, rather than Pessac-Léognan.

Macron recently told Terre de Vins “Je fais partie de ces Français pour qui un repas sans vin est un repas un peu triste,” or “I’m one of those French people for whom a meal without wine is a sad meal.”

We’ll raise a glass to that!