Nearly nine months have passed since former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani mistakenly booked the Four Seasons Total Landscaping property for a post-election press conference. Inspired by the many meme-able moments that took place that day, a special edition beer will now be released next month.

“They messed with us and now we’re going to mess with them for the rest of their lives,” Four Seasons director of sales Sean Middleton told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “We hold grudges in Philly.”

Four Seasons teamed up with local brewery Funk Brewing and the apparel company Philly Drinkers to develop the beer appropriately named “Lawn Jawn.” Funk Brewing co-owner Jon Norman justified the collaboration, noting “yard work and beer go together like peas and carrots.”

Transporting drinkers from the grassy knolls of Northeast Philly to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the IPA will offer juicy, tropical flavors. Meanwhile, the beer’s label — created by artist Luz D. — will deliver the “lolz.”

Four Seasons is centrally located within the artwork’s animated Philly city-center, where men in suits stand before a media circuit. Nearby buildings depict the notorious sex shop and funeral home within the vicinity in real life. There’s a flying cheesesteak, Philly mascots, and a balding man who looks suspiciously like Guliani.

“Our biggest goal for the can is that people won’t drink it right away,” Philly Drinkers owner Alex Einhorn told the Inquirer. “They’ll look at the can like it’s ‘Where’s Waldo.’”

The initial launch of Lawn Jawn includes just 30 cases sold locally. It will be distributed at the upcoming sold-out Four Seasons concert on Aug. 21 and at nearby select stores in Northeast Philly on Aug. 17.

Lawn Jawn might just be the most successful collaboration Four Seasons Total Landscaping has entered into so far. But as Philly Drinkers points out, the beer won’t be needing any press conference to spread the news.