At 110 years old, Eileen Ash has lived many lives. She played on England’s cricket team throughout the 1930s and ‘40s and even worked as an MI6 spy during World War II. An avid golfer, she didn’t hang up her clubs until she was 98, and waited a further seven years before passing her driving test.

Impressive stuff. So what’s Ash’s secret to living so long and remaining so active? “Being happy and smiling a lot, red wine, and keeping fit with yoga,” Ash told the BBC.

Former MI6 Spy Shares Her Secret of Living to 110: Lots of Red Wine.
Credit: St John’s House

To celebrate her birthday this week, Ash was joined by friends and family at her care home in Norwich, England. Ample bottles of her favorite wines flowed on the special day. She also received birthday greetings from England’s current international cricketers and a card from Queen Elizabeth II.

“She loves a glass of red wine — she always says that’s prolonged her life,” Fiona Mawby, the well-being manager at St John’s House, told The Mirror.

Here’s to Eileen Ash, a long life, and plenty of red wine!