This isn’t the good kind of treasure hunt.

A man was caught on video stealing a Captain Morgan statue from a Florida liquor store late last month, according to Fox 35 Orlando. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office recently released the video on Facebook, calling for the public to help “identify this landlubber.”

The alleged crime occurred at Beach Discount Liquors in Englewood, Fla. In the short clip, the man can be seen loading up the large statue into the back of a blue pickup truck. A dog appears to be riding shotgun, as “a human first mate would have told him this was a bad idea,” the sheriff’s office quipped.

Captain Morgan statues are a common staple in liquor shop and dive bar decor. The Miami Herald reported that this particular pirate stands 6 feet tall and retailers online report list similar models as weighing 80 pounds, so it’s safe to assume it likely wasn’t easy to load this one into a truck. This particular statue sells for $2,000 to $3,000 online, as the liquor shop told the Miami Herald.

The alleged pirate thief still hasn’t been caught. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone with information on the theft should contact their office through Facebook or call the non-emergency police number.