A man in Florida took his love for Budweiser to the next level when he wallpapered his 815-square-foot condo with cans of his favorite beer. Now the property is for sale and, according to the realtor, has gotten multiple offers.

“It was his life’s mission to wallpaper his home in beer cans, and he did it,” realtor Kristen Kearney says about the owner who is now deceased. Every room, except the home’s two bathrooms, is lined with cans; walls, ceiling, and in some spaces, there’s the added touch of Budweiser crown molding.

After placing the condo on the market in August for $110,000, Kearney posted the listing to Facebook. The “King of Beers” soon took notice, sharing the listing on its page with the caption, “The perfect house doesn’t exi…”

Credit: Kearney & Associates Realty / Facebook.com
Credit: Kearney & Associates Realty / Facebook.com

Those hoping to get their hands on the Budweiser-lined home are too late. “We actually received multiple offers. It is currently under contract, and I have a backup offer as well,” Kearney says.

The potential new homeowners — almost certainly Budweiser fans — scooped up the house without stepping foot inside.