Spring won’t officially start for another 21 days, and our thermometers currently read 28 degrees Fahrenheit here in New York, but it seems it’s never too early in the year for a rosé-themed product release.

In news that literally nobody was expecting (nor were they likely hoping for), a sports nutrition company just released a non-alcoholic, rosé-flavored energy drink.

Frosé Rosé” comes from Bang Energy, a subsidiary of Florida-based (where else?) VPX. According to the company’s website, the drink is “potent brain and body-rocking fuel” — whatever that means — and “not your stereotypical high sugar, life-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink!”

The sugar-free, non-alcoholic rosé instead offers energy in the form of ingredients like creatine, caffeine, and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). VPX is currently selling 12 packs for $31.99, while the Vitamin Shoppe has them at a discounted $25.99.

Like the sound of wine-flavored energy drinks but rosé doesn’t appeal to you? Not to worry: Bang also has a Champagne-flavored line.