A Floating Champagne Bar?

In one of the more interesting concepts you’ll ever see, architect Margot Krasojevic has proposed to drop a floating wine bar, The Grand Cru du Siecle, in Paris’ River Seine — to prevent flooding. We headed over to check out the architects proposal, and it’s fascinating:

With the present threat of Paris flooding, this pavilion bar acts as part of Paris’ flood control infrastructure. Located on the banks of the River Seine the pavilion consists of an enclosed circular glass bar cantilevered over a bell mouth spillway which allows water to enter from it’s entire perimeter, this water is taken, via submerged canals, upstream to the impounded lakes and nearby reservoirs.

A Drain In The Seine
via Margot Krasojevic

Here are some more details:

The laminated glass circular bar is zoned to direct water through it’s ramps and into the spillway situated under a moveable glass clad floor. The form guides the flood away from the street level. A raised glass corridor, floats over the Seine as water rises and flows through the rest of the design. The industrial function of the bar is combined with an ethereal monocoque canopy shell that houses the light and reflective nature of the champagne bar’s interior, etched glass gives an effervescent feel with the lattice spillway filtering water as it is channelled through the underground network.

Check out the entire proposal at Ms. Krasojevic’s website (PDF!)

via Margot Krasojevic

via The Drinks Business.