Traveling through the airport can be a hassle. There’s security, lines, security, more lines, then (not all the time but far too often) there’s delays. So packing light is a necessity so you have to check as little bags as possible. One Australian man took that advice to heart and packed the number one thing he needed: a single beer.

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” Dean Stinson, the man behind it all, told the Daily Mail. “But when it did it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage, so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it.”

Dean was just being practical. After all, you can’t take more than 3 ounces on a flight. Sure, you could go with a six pack of something, but what if you expect to only be slightly thirsty after you land?

The beer, and Emu Export lager, traveled from Melbourne to Perth all by it’s lonely with a checked baggage tag attached. Granted, we can’t be sure that it’s the exact same beer, but there’s video of the can going into the checked baggage area, and then coming first out of the gate on the other side.

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around,” Dean told UNILAD. “And there I was in my flanno and RMs to great her. It was perfection.”

It certainly beats having to dump your beer out or figure out a way to fly with it. Cheers to that.