Flight Attendant Turns Beverage Service Into Felony Theft

You know those adorably tiny bottles of liquor you buy on an airplane? You know, the ones that come around maybe twice on a six-hour flight and cost anywhere from $7 to $10 bucks for a few ounces of liquid comfort? (For those of us checking on the integrity of the wing every 10 minutes, anyway.)

Well, it turns out nervous airline passengers aren’t the only ones with a keen eye on those tiny liquor bottles. Flight attendants know their worth, too, though in a slightly different way.

It recently came to light that 28 year-old Rachel Trevor, former flight attendant with Endeavor Air – which is a company that is owned by Delta and operates their connection service – smuggled mini-bottles off of each flight she worked. A few missing bottles of Absolut might not draw too much attention, but Trevor was clearly in it to win it, stealing almost 1,500 bottles of liquor.

Nor were these bottles meant for personal consumption. According to the Shelby County district attorney’s office, Trevor actually resold the mini-bottles of gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey on everyone’s favorite “nothing-weird-about-this-at-all” online retail free-for-all, Craigslist. As to whom her customers were, well, that’s anyone’s guess. They were savvy shoppers, to say the least, since Trevor resold the bottles at the low low price of just a dollar a pop.

In the happy ending version, Trevor might have gotten away with it, given some online shoppers a steep discount on their favorite liquor brands, and ideally used the money to fund some charitable organization. Alas, no, Trevor is now indicted on charges of “theft, unlawful sale of alcohol, and unauthorized transportation of alcohol.” The total value of what Trevor stole was placed at $10,000—meaning she’s guilty of a Class C felony theft according to Tennessee state law. She now faces anywhere from three to 15 years in prison. Where there are no liquor bottles, big or small. She’s also out of a job.