The Secret To Felicity Jones Success? Red Wine

English actress Felicity Jones won herself an Oscar nomination for her role in The Theory Of Everything, the film about Stephen Hawking. For her part, Jones is required to cry, which is something that every film and stage star approaches differently. Jones’ solution to cry on queue? Lots of red wine. Channel 24 has some more info:

“I just resorted to the night before just drinking loads of red wine because then the next day you’re sort of in a slightly suicidal depressed state. For some reason red wine has this effect.”

While the 31-year-old actress’ unusual tactics to help her cry on screen seem to work, she does not recommend young actors heed her advice.

She said: “It’s perfect for doing really emotional scenes which I wouldn’t recommend to young actors. It’s probably not the best method.”

She revealed her secret on Conan the other night. Here’s a clip:

If you’ve overdone it like Jones, we suggest you check out our guide to curing wine headaches — that is unless you need to weep on command as well.

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