american-craft-insideThe American craft beer industry has good cause to celebrate. Today, the Brewers Association (BA), which is the not-for-profit trade group that represents small and independent craft brewers, announced its export growth data for the American craft beer industry in 2015. And quite dramatically, craft beer export volume increased by a whopping 16.3 percent in 2015, with a grand total of 446,151 barrels worth $116 million.

Where was this growth primarily located? While most markets saw growth, Western Europe saw an astounding 33.4 percent increase, with the fastest growing markets in 2015 being Ireland, the Netherlands, Thailand and Taiwan. But once again Canada led the international market, responsible for over 51 percent of American exports. Meanwhile, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom each took a market share of about 10 percent.


Initiated in 2004 with funds from the United States Department of Agriculture Market Access Program (USDA MAP), The Export Development Program Growth (EDP) works to create exposure for American craft beer through trade shows, festivals, seminars, media outreach and competitions. And EDP estimates that there are now approximately 80 small and independent brewers exporting their beers from the U.S.

According to Brewers Association President and CEO Bob Pease, “small and independent craft brewers are putting American beer on the global map. There’s a growing thirst from beer lovers in countries around the world for bold, innovative products from American craft brewers.”

So keep on keeping on, American craft brewers–the world is thirsty for your products!