This isn’t your average one-night pub crawl.

David Bingham recently completed his goal of visiting every existing Wetherspoon pub location, according to the BBC. Wetherspoon, which boasts hundreds of watering holes across the United Kingdom, is known for its pubs’ generous portions and unusual locations.

Bingham is one of the few people to visit all 876 locations across the U.K. He completed the pub crawl at London Gatwick Airport on June 7 after buying a plane ticket to access The Flying Horse pub beyond airport security. The 60-year-old is currently based in West Hallam, a village located some 70 miles southeast of Manchester, but he’s spent the four years traveling across the U.K.

“There are so many interesting ones,” Bingham told the BBC of the pubs he’s hit along the way. “I’ve had a drink in old fire stations, a police station, a tram station, printing halls and newspaper offices. There’s such a history to a lot of these pubs.”

The challenge started with the gift of a pub directory from his partner, Una Cooper. Since receiving the list in 2019, he’s visited hundreds of locations — including 40 now-shuttered Wetherspoon pubs.

A Wetherspoon representative confirmed that Bighman achieved the rare feat with the BBC.

“We applaud David Bingham on his outstanding achievement,” the spokesperson said. “Many people love to visit Wetherspoon pubs across the UK and Ireland, but only a handful have visited each and every one. David will now join that select group. He has obviously put in a lot of time and effort into achieving his goal and we thank him for his dedication to our pubs.”

Bingham celebrated his journey with a bottle of Heineken at his last stop.