In the midst of widespread cancellations, delays, and increased ticket prices, flying right now is a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, Emirates Airlines announced a new series of upgrades on Wednesday that make those travel experiences all the more elevated.

The $2 billion initiative, which begins August 2022, offers several updated dining options, in-flight experiences, and interior upgrades to the plane.

Those holding first-class tickets can now enjoy unlimited servings of Persian caviar while sipping the airline’s existing line of premium vintage Dom Pérignon on their next flight. The airline has a lengthy relationship with the luxury brand; in fact, it’s one of the top buyers of Dom Pérignon in the world. Emirates is the only airline to serve the vintage bubbly, according to the press release.

Roasted duck, salmon trout, and fondant potatoes are just a few of the items that will grace passengers’ plates in the updated first class menu. A specialized vegan menu will also drop this month, including plant-based favorites such as roasted king oyster mushrooms and jackfruit biryani.

Passengers may also enjoy a cinema experience on-board Emirates flights, including a luxury upgrade to the snack menu. Items such as lobster rolls, sliders, edamame, and salted popcorn will accompany in-flight movies and television shows through Emirates’ entertainment system.

Interiors of the Emirates aircrafts will also see a facelift in the company’s most significant investment, with the first planes undergoing retrofitting in November. It includes new or refurbished seats, as well as other design upgrades to the cabins. The update also includes a Premium Economy cabin.

Emirates states it’s goal is to “Fly Better.” From the looks of this upgrade, the company definitely has its eye on improving travelers’ in-air experience, one glass of bubbly at a time.