Business class offers a lot of luxuries. However, that doesn’t mean business class passengers should abuse their access to amenities or act disrespectfully toward flight attendants. One Swiss passenger tried to turn complimentary Champagne service into an open bar. Swiss flight LX1327, originating in Moscow, and bound for Zurich had to be diverted to Stuttgart airport in Germany after a passenger became unruly. What enraged her so that the flight had to make an emergency diversion? Bubbly, or lack of it. Long after the crew cut her off, the unnamed passenger continued to aggressively demand more Champagne. Thankfully, the flight was diverted for an impromptu landing before the situation spiraled out of control.

The diverted flight path
The diverted flight path via FlightRadar24/The Points Guy

Business class definitely comes with its perks, and it should. That’s why tickets are exorbitantly expensive when compared to the fares for coach tickets. The seats are more comfortable, there’s more legroom, complimentary Champagne, and sometimes even more complimentary booze depending on the carrier. These little things add up, and make the flying experience luxurious and enjoyable, particularly for those who travel frequently for business. However, just because these amenities are expected doesn’t mean passengers have carte blanche to behave however they want.

When the flight landed in Stuttgart, German police escorted the woman off of the airplane. She was fined 5,000 euros or about $5,900 and was not allowed back on the flight. She could’ve purchased more than a few nice bottles of bubbly for that amount instead of behaving like a spoiled child.

h/t The Points Guy