This past Tuesday before Ellen welcomed Claire Danes to the show to talk about Homeland, she needed to talk about the elephant in the room: her broken finger. “I have something to show you—it’s that right here. Can you see it?” DeGeneres asked, directing the camera to show her broken finger. “I broke my finger. I know what you’re thinking: ‘How can you host a show without the tip of my ring finger?’ I am not gonna let this thing beat me. I am not.”

And the culprit of this break, was, apparently, wine. As Ellen tells it: “So, you know how in gymnastics when you do a one-handed cartwheel and you have to spread the weight evenly between all your fingers? Well, I had two glasses of wine and fell into a door.”

After falling into the door DeGeneres decided she should probably go to the emergency room, where she found out the finger wasn’t actually broken, but instead severely dislocated.

“I dislocated my finger. That’s what they call it, which is an incorrect term, because I knew where it was located. It was just wrongly located is what it was,” Ellen joked. “So, do you know what they do when you dislocate your finger? It’s very technical. What they do is they take the part that’s dislocated and then they just snap it right back into place. Yeah, you can see why they have to go to eight years of medical school. Before they did it, I was in incredible pain and Tammy – who was Ellen’s nurse – said, ‘Do you want a shot?’ And I said, ‘No, I had two glasses of wine—that’s what got me into this mess in the first place, Tammy.’