Brits famously love their pints, but Ed Sheeran just learned a very American trick for throwing one back.

Country music star Luke Combs taught the “Shape of You” musician how to “shotgun” a beer while enjoying an evening on what looks to be an outdoor patio, as seen in a May 15 video posted on Sheeran’s Instagram. In the brief clip, both chart-toppers can be seen holding a can of Miller Light lager. Combs instructs Sheeran on the perfect shotgunning technique: hold the can vertically in one hand, crack the can open with the other, then chug away.


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“You wanna be mindful of where your top is here,” Combs specifies before Sheeran makes his attempt. “You want this side pointed to the sky.” Sheeran tilts the can and gulps down the beer alongside Combs, spilling a fair amount of booze. (Hey, some things take practice.)

The pair recently collaborated on a song on Grammy winner Sheeran’s newest album, Subtract, which dropped on May 5. The duo’s track “Life Goes On” brings a country twist to Sheeran’s sixth studio album.

Combs, a Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and Grammy nominee is known for hits like “Beautiful Crazy” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

It looks like Sheeran should work on those shotgunning skills before his next tour.