Dunkin’ diehards woke up to a caffeinated surprise on Wednesday.

Seasonal flavor Butter Pecan Swirl is now part of the chain’s permanent lineup, per an April 26 brand announcement. Starting Wednesday, drinkers can order any coffee item with the brand’s beloved butter pecan syrup all year round.

“On the 10-year anniversary of Butter Pecan Swirl’s debut, we knew it was time to make this adored flavor a core menu staple,” Dunkin’ chief marketing officer Jill McVicar Nelson says in the release. “The requests from guests and our Dunkin’ teammates to make this swirl a regular offering are staggering. We’re thrilled to finally grant their wish, making this a permanent delight for Dunkin’ fans to savor all year long.”

Twitter instantly took notice, and is now flooded with posts from happy Dunkin’ customers:

The decadent seasonal flavor is known for its sweet, nutty flavor and touch of creaminess. Per Butter Pecan lore, the syrup first appeared on temporary menus in 2013, and has since become the second-most requested seasonal flavor (after autumnal pumpkin, naturally). It’s typically available for a short time during the spring and summer months.

To celebrate the comeback, the brand is introducing new beverages and a treat with the beloved flavor swirl: the Turtle Signature Latte, the Butter Pecan Crunch Frozen Coffee, and a Butter Pecan Donut topped with vanilla icing.

To promote the new initiative (as well as its full Summer 2023 lineup), Dunkin’ is hosting a contest on its Twitter. It’s gifting free drinks for a year to five users who can write the best essay on the return of Butter Pecan — and the results, of course, are poetic:

There’s lots of love for one buttery flavor.