With all the colorfully decorated and boundary-pushing craft beers available, the selection can be overwhelming. But luckily, Baltimore’s DuClaw Brewing has come to the rescue with a new beer that sticks to the basics.

Stripping away all the fancy branding and intricate brewing processes, this beer is simply labeled as an American craft lager. Even the design of the can is about as simplistic as possible: a silver can wrapped in a white label with the words, “Regular Beer.”

Underneath is the beer’s only description, “A beer that tastes like beer.”

“The vast array of designs and colors on the shelves can be overwhelming,” Tyler McCoy, DuClaw’s head designer, told the Baltimore Business Journal. “We wanted to create something bold, utilitarian, and in your face. Something you know is beer.”

DuClaw Brewing has played around with different beer ideas before.  In early 2019, they released Unicorn Farts, a beer modeled after Fruity Pebbles. It also follows in the footsteps of other “regular” brews like Wiley Roots’ “Beer Flavored Beer” released in January.

Regular Beer will be available in select states as early as this week.