Perhaps you think a couple drinks improves your mood. Perhaps you think you’re much funnier when you’re drunk, or perhaps you’re scared that you’re much meaner when you’re drunk. Turns out you’re not. You’re just you.

A new study done by psychologists at the University of Missouri found that all of the “changes” in our personality when we drink are not as obvious to everyone else as we think they are. The study examined how people thought their personality changed after drinking to how other people actually thought of them. Other than becoming slightly more extroverted, people stayed pretty true to their sober personality.

For the test, 156 people self reported what they thought their sober and drunk personality traits are. Then, two weeks later, they drank vodka-Sprites for $10 an hour. Half of the groups got alcohol, and half got just Sprite. They played games, messed around, and just generally bonded. All of them reported twice how the drinks were affecting their personality.

Psychologists watched video of the experiment after and noted mood changes. They noted that people became more extroverted, but not one became more anxious.

“Participants felt like they were really affected by alcohol,” Rachel Winograd, a clinical psychologist who helped run the study and the owner of an amazing last name, told Newsweek, “whereas observers didn’t perceive such drastic changes.”

Basically, everything you think about how you act when drunk is wrong. You’re not a mean drunk, you’re just mean.