Holiday shopping used to suck, now it rocks.

Decluttr, an online resale platform, recently polled 2,000 U.S. consumers on how they plan to shop for the 2020 holidays. One in five said they are likely to drink and shop online this year, while 41 percent admitted to having shopped online under the influence in the past.

Within that group, 27 percent of respondents also admitted to being so drunk when they purchased a gift online they didn’t remember doing so until it arrived. According to retail news publication Chain Store Age, Americans spent $44.9 billion on drunk purchases in 2019, with each consumer spending on average $768.58 on drunk purchases.

The Northeast had the highest percentage of drunk shoppers with more than 25 percent of those polled admitting to shopping while tipsy, and a regional average of $1,195.13 spent while doing so. That being said, Massachusetts and New York trailed behind Washington, where shoppers spent an average of $2,199.96 on drunk purchases.

The Decluttr study also found that more consumers expect to do their holiday shopping online this year, with 40 percent of respondents planning to avoid shopping areas and malls entirely.

Without a commute, it’s irresistibly easier to grease the wheels while looking for the perfect gift. And with more people logging on with a Martini in hand, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “shop ‘til you drop.”