Three brothers were arrested in the west Indian district of Gandhinagar after their drunken livestock alerted authorities to an illegal liquor operation at the family farm.

Police seized 101 bottles of vodka, whiskey, and other flavored spirits that were hidden in water troughs after veterinarians tipped off police in the city of Chiloda, the Times of India reports. The sale, distribution, or transportation of alcohol is strictly forbidden in the region.

Dinesh Thakor called veterinarians after strange symptoms afflicted three creatures in his stable. The buffaloes were frothing at the mouth and refused to eat. The next day, the animals began acting erratically and jumping around the stable.

After evaluating the scene, the veterinarian noticed a strange smell and discolored drinking water, but the Thakor brothers dismissed the inquiry and “told him that some branches had fallen in the trough, causing discoloration,” according to the complaint.

The doctor was suspicious of the situation and reported his concerns to local authorities, leading to the discovery of the prohibited business and the arrest of Dinesh, Ambaram, and Ravi Thakor. Apparently, bottles that were hidden in the trough were damaged and leaked contents into the water supply.

After sleeping off the booze, all three buffaloes were reportedly back to normal the next day. The three brothers are likely still feeling the effects of their decisions.