Stop. Step back from your computer, and put away that credit card. Commissioning a portrait of your dog might feel like a good idea after three Martinis, but is sober you really going to be thankful for the surprise online gift when it arrives in two weeks’ time?

If you feel the urge to shop online after drinking, you’re not alone. According to a survey by personal finance website, Americans spent more than ever last year on “spontaneous drunk purchases.”

Over the past 12 months, inebriated U.S. shoppers spent $39.4 billion, compared with $30.43 billion the year before. Though the number of Americans that admitted to sipping and spending actually dropped compared with 2018 (26 percent down from 46 percent).

This means that while fewer people are making drunken purchases, each individual is spending a lot more when they do so. The study of around 2,000 people revealed that, on average, Americans spent $736 while intoxicated over the course of the year, up from $447.50 in 2018.

Men are most likely to sip and spend, making up 56 percent of the total that admitted to drunken shopping. They also spent more than women, averaging $870 compared to $511.

In terms of generations, Millennials spent the most while intoxicated — that ought to make a lot of people happy — dropping $1,047 online while tipsy. That figure was more than double the amount Baby Boomers ($466) and Gen X-ers ($469) spent.

Though #drunkamazonpurchases yields hilarious results on Instagram and Twitter, the most common purchases made by drinkers are actually pretty boring. More than 50 percent of drunk shoppers admitted to buying some type of food item, while shoes and clothing (43.22 percent), and cigarettes (30.26 percent) are the second- and third-most purchased items.

Remember, folks: always consume alcohol responsibly, and whatever you do, don’t drink and Prime.