The British government is cracking down on booze-fueled belligerence on airplanes. The new, delightfully monikered “One Too Many” campaign will fine disruptive drunk passengers £80,000 ($105,000) in fines for bad behavior, Conde Nast Traveler reports.

The goal is to stop drunk passengers before they board planes departing U.K. airports, as well as prevent them from over-imbibing on board. The consequences for on-board inebriation will be communicated on digital display boards at airports, as well as via pamphlets handed out by police, the Times reports.

Participating airports include Manchester Airport Group, AGS Airports, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Gatwick, according to a press release from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

“While we should remember that disruptive passenger incidents are still relatively rare, they rank in the top three concerns of cabin crew, and any incident is one too many. Airlines have a zero-tolerance approach to unruly behaviour and cabin crew and passengers have a right to a flight free from disturbance and harassment,” Rafael Schvartzman, regional VP, Europe, IATA, said. “The party should be at the destination, not on the plane.”

The steep sum reflects the costs airlines endure for diverting flights resulting from disruptive drunks. Apparently, the existing penalty of £5,000 ($6,500) and two years of jail time just wasn’t enough.

Airlines also have the right to ban passengers for life for bad behavior. In fact, one inebriated flier was permanently banned from Jet2 after aggressive behavior, the BBC reports.

We never turn down a glass of Champagne in the air, but take our advice: Sip softly and carry a small swizzle stick.