If you’re looking to binge an exciting new drama — while learning a bit more about wine tasting — this upcoming release from Apple TV+ could be the perfect pick.

The streaming service will soon introduce “Drops of God,” a new eight-episode series adapted from a wildly popular manga of the same name, according to The Verge. Released in partnership with entertainment platform Legendary, the first two episodes are set to be available on April 21 with additional episodes coming out every Friday.

“Drops of God” centers on the estate of Alexandre Léger, a famed wine connoisseur who passed away and left an 87,000-bottle wine collection worth some $148 million. His daughter Camille Léger (Fleur Geffrier) discovers the massive inheritance after her estranged father’s will was read in Tokyo.

The catch: Alexandre Léger created a wine-tasting competition to determine who’d inherit his lucrative collection.

Camille competes against wine critic Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita) in an extensive tasting competition to claim her inheritance. Drama arises as Camille struggles to regain her wine identification skills and overcome a severe distaste for alcohol, competing against her father’s intimidatingly talented apprentice.

The French-Japanese, multilanguage drama is based on a New York Times best-selling manga series released in 2011. Since its publication, the series gained a cult following among readers in Japan and France, as well as internationally.

The “Drops of God” trailer is available ahead of the Friday release:

This series brings the drama and intensity of a high-stakes wine tasting to your living room — extensive wine collection not included.