Earlier this year Dos Equis released an advertisement titled “Adios Amigo”, in which Jonathan Goldsmith made his final appearance as the most interesting man in the world. Fans of Dos Equis advertisements were naturally upset with this development, assuming that they’d no longer hear the legendary catch phrases “I don’t usually drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis” and “Stay thirsty my friends”, which have been sources of countless memes and jokes across the Internet. Luckily for fans of the commercials, Dos Equis never planned to get rid of the most interesting man character. They just planned on evolving the role.

Dos Equis’ began this evolution with their new ads released yesterday starring sportscaster Erin Andrews and actor Luis Guzmán. It’s worth noting though that these two celebrities are only temporary and the next most interesting man in the world is still up for grabs. In fact, the ads make it clear that Andrews and Guzmán aren’t the most interesting people, instead they’re respectively the 5,008th and 8,507th most interesting people in the world – which leaves us to wonder, who’s in the top 100?

In Andrews’ spot, it’s claimed, “Her personality is so infectious she’s unable to enter hospitals.” In Guzman’s spot, the Dos Equis voice over claims, his “blood is so Latin, vampires find him too spicy.” It’s quite clear from these ridiculous statements that Dos Equis isn’t departing at all from their over the top advertisement scheme.

If anything, they’re just adding to it. At the end of the commercials instead of closing with the classic “Stay thirsty” voiceover as the spots have for the past decade, the viewer instead hears, “Think you’re interesting? Prove it.” This switch embodies the progression of Dos Equis’ advertisement scheme. No longer is it just the most interesting man in the world drinking Dos Equis with the rest of us expected to emulate him. It’s explicit in this new campaign now more than ever that everyone can drink Dos Equis if they want to lead a more interesting life, even if they aren’t the most interesting. For now Andrews and Guzmán are the faces of this new approach, but it’ll be interesting to see how Dos Equis incorporates the new most interesting man into this evolution.