Sometimes, high-fashion editorial looks can get a bit out of hand.

Singer Doja Cat carried a quirky handbag — nestled with a real bottle of Patrón tequila — en route to a Paris Fashion Week event on Wednesday. The purse is modeled after an oversized hand, which holds a bottle of Patrón El Alto.

Credit: Jacob Webster

Creative director and wardrobe stylist Brett Alan Nelson collaborated with jewelry designer Chris Habana of CHRISHABANA to create this surreal accessory.

“I always love some sort of organic gag, nothing that feels forced but seamless to who Doja is as a person and as an artist. My girl loves a tequila cocktail, so taking the idea of this couture level bottle of Patrón El Alto to Paris but making it an accessory that doesn’t leave her side,” Nelson states in a Patrón press release. “Together we ended up with this amazing glove bag, which really just hits on top of the head that it’s hard to get your hands on this couture, just like it’s hard to get your hands on a bottle of Patrón El Alto.”

The bag is inspired by a West African wax print of a hand and the work of artist William Beaupre, who’s known for his glitz-encrusted busts. Construction of the oversized glove included hand embellishing and painting, a gel shellac topcoat painted by nail artists, and 3D modeling.

It also features chainmail and the teeny bee ring, a nod to Patrón’s logo. The bag can be worn like a glove or carried over the shoulder like a typical purse.

And yes, the tequila was indeed pourable from the handbag.

Patrón El Alto, an aged tequila with subtle sweetness, retails for a suggested $179. The reposado is available at retailers and nightclubs in major markets across the United States.

Doja Cat paired the accessory with an all-black ensemble from Valentino during her front-row viewing of the show. You’ve gotta hand it to the rapper — she isn’t afraid to make a statement.