Dogfish Head is known for its IPA selection, most notably its critically acclaimed 60 Minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute IPA brews. However, the brewery is also known for its diverse portfolio of styles ranging from Belgian whites to sours. Creativity is central at Dogfish Head, and the brewery’s latest release showcases the team’s imagination and vision.

On January 27th at 11am Dogfish Head will debut a Belgian-style fruit ale entitled “It’s The End of the Wort As We Know It” at its Milton, Delaware brewery. According to Dogfish Head, the beer was inspired by the perennial “What’s your desert island beer?” question. Not only did the brewery intend to brew a beer that could be enjoyed constantly on a hypothetical desert island, it also meant to create a beer that might actually help a person survive in such a situation.

In the spirit of creativity, and survival, the brewers included some unusual ingredients for It’s The End of the Wort As We Know It. In addition to the necessary hops, malt, yeast, and water, Dogfish Head added blueberries, acai berries, goji berries, purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seeds, flax seed, spelt, oats, and quinoa to the recipe.

However, Dogfish Head founder and CEO Sam Calagione is careful to note that while the beer is full of nutrients, the brewery is not explicitly endorsing any health benefits. “We’re not making any health claims in association with this beer,” he explains in the brewery’s blog post. “We are merely sharing our brewing process and the culinary ingredients we chose for the recipe that are rich in alluring aromas and flavors.”

It’s The End of the Wort As We Know It comes in a 750 milliliter bottle, and is adorned with a solar blanket secured by a piece of resilient paracord. The beer also comes with a Dogfish Head Swiss army knife tied to the neck of the bottle, a necessary survival tool for that desert island. There are only 200 bottles available, and they sell for $45 with a limit of 2 bottles per person. Wilson volleyball not included.