Craft beer and cute dogs go hand in hand. Someone is finally combining the concept in a new bar billed as, “The world’s first dog tap house.”

Scott Porter, owner of Fido’s Tap House, opening to the public next week in Tigard, Oregon, saw potential in the cat cafe, but wanted to swap out coffee and cats for two other noble pleasures: Craft beer and dogs.

The pairing is a natural fit, according to Porter, who found that craft beer lovers and dog lovers are often one and the same. “When I started researching the demographics for the dogs I was surprised to find that most people that like craft beer, a very high percentage have dogs,” Porter told Portland news channel, KOIN 6 last week. “Anything that’s dog related is what we’re going to be focused on.”

Fido’s Tap House is part craft beer bar, part dog rescue, inviting patrons to multitask in the best way possible: Meeting and playing with sweet dogs in need of homes, while enjoying a pint or two. The hope for these dogs is that customers will want to take Fido or Fidette home.

Giving a whole new meaning to bar rescue, Fido’s will also include education events like dog demonstrations, art shows, and book signings, the announcement said. In addition to helping these dogs find homes, the bar will donate a quarter of profits to local dog rescue charities.

For those in the Portland area, get in on the adorable action starting Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 11:00 a.m. When it’s this good, you start early.

Pictured: Scott Porter, Fido’s Tap House owner; Sara Robinson, Hop Valley district sales manager; and Lucy the Goldendoodle at Fido’s Tap House.