On Saturday, March 23, 2019 patrons of one Washington, D.C. bar are in for treat: dog bartenders.

At Midlands Beer Garden in D.C.’s Park View neighborhood, actual dog “puptenders” will serve cans of Devils Backbone beer in honor of National Puppy Day, DCist reports.

The delightfully dog-focused event is part of a promotion for Devils Backbone’s Gold Leaf Lager. At the beer hall, dog “servers” will don Devils Backbone “Adventure Dog Packs,” which are vests akin to those worn by other dog professionals, only the pockets are filled with cans of beer. Cans of lager are $5 each, and hopefully, head pet tips are welcome, but be sure to ask first. (The promotion also includes $7 drafts; it remains to be seen whether these pup professionals will be pulling pints.)

Along with sweet, furry service, patrons can enjoy the company of their own and others’ dogs. Dog treats will be available by donation from a dog treat bar, and a dog caricature artist will be on-site drawing puppy portraits. A portion of profits from the event will go to City Dogs Rescue, which will also be on site with adoptable dogs.

Additionally, the promotion includes wag swag (our term, not theirs) such as leashes, dog bowls, and collars. Finally, the event will include the voting period for the Devils Backbone Adventure Dog Photo Contest. The winner will be featured on Devils Backbone’s Gold Leaf Lager beer can.

The Pup-Up Bar is scheduled to take place this Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 1 p.m.