Detroit vodka takes a shot at Russia
Photo via Valentine Distilling / YouTube

Scene opens. Russian soldiers are patrolling a building with Russian letters above the entrance. “Lenin’s Tomb,” a caption reads. Inside, the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin is propped up on a bed.

“The world’s best vodka has been named and it isn’t from Russia,” a voiceover says. “It’s from Detroit.” A single tear falls from dead Lenin’s closed eye.

Quite a statement in the age of Russian hackers and Kompromat. But the distillery, Valentine Distilling Co., is just stating the facts (that it was named best vodka, not that it made Lenin’s body shed a tear). Yep, Detroit is more than just cars, Eminem, and bankruptcy.

The award comes from the World Drink Awards in London. Valentine won both “World’s Best Vodka” and “Best Varietal Vodka” for 2016. The judges described it with love:

“Lots of complex flavour through the nose and palate — a wonderful example of multigrain vodka. Sweet, smooth and creamy on the tongue with a clean and supple finish.”

Russian distilleries couldn’t have been too upset, considering a Chinese vodka won in 2015, and a vodka from Belarus won in 2014. Still, Russia is known as the home of vodka, whether or not Russian citizens are drinking as much of it as they used to. Maybe Valentine’s video will inspire a little friendly rivalry, though.

Watch the full ad below:

h/t: Michigan Radio