The team behind Mom Water is introducing the vodka water’s tequila counterpart this summer: Dad Water. The still-water RTD cocktail will come in four flavors with 5.25 percent ABV.

True to Mom Water’s distinctive branding, the new line-up of fruit-infused canned tequila waters will feature quirky names inspired by the founders’ friends and family. According to the brand’s April 4 press release, the cans’ design “tie together playful nostalgia with premium ingredients while paying tribute to dads everywhere.”

Dad Waters will initially be offered in variety packs, each containing eight 12-ounce cans at a suggested retail price of $19.99. The company hasn’t yet revealed the flavor lineup but adds that all flavor offerings will contain 100 calories per can.

Mom Water founders Bryce and Jill Morrison (both parents themselves) left their careers in the healthcare field to innovate a line of fruit-forward, boozy waters. The brand has since blown up on social media — particularly TikTok, where #MomWater has received 10.1 million views — and reports over 500,000 cases sold in the past year. The brand expects that number to double in 2023 per the press release.

“Mom Water has always been about our community of fans, and with all the requests for a Dad Water product our team set out to deliver another innovative and fun line of drinks,” Mom Water CEO and co-founder Bryce Morrison states in the release. “We fell in love with the flavor profiles that pair with tequila, making it the perfect backbone for this brand. We’re all beyond excited to share this new, quirky brand with everyone soon.”

While an exact launch date hasn’t been announced, the brand states Dad Water will be available in June wherever Mom Water is currently offered. Plans for direct-to-consumer online sales are also currently underway.

Sounds like a match made in RTD heaven.