There’s finally a way to taste Cup of Noodles without using a microwave or burning your mouth. The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, Texas recently made a beer called Cup O’ Beer brewed with 55 pounds of ramen noodles — and it’s enough to make a nostalgia-loving beer drinker speechless.

Cup O’ Beer is a gose that the brewery describes as “lightly tart” with “hints of lemongrass, lime, ginger and coriander.” There was a limited released to the public on June 10 for $7 a bottle, but no word on if there are any bottles left. How these haven’t been entirely bought up by hungry and thirsty (but mostly thirsty) college kids, I don’t know.

It’s available at the brewery and very limited distrubution, but the people who had the chance to taste it seem pleasantly surprised. There are more than 370 check-ins on the crowd-sourced beer ranking app Untappd, and the beer has a 3.86 rating — higher than the much beloved Founder’s All Day IPA, for comparison. Crowd-sourced rankings are a notoriously bad source of actual information, but it’s a fine starting point.

Don’t like to put your trust in the numbers? Here’s a few choice reviews: “Better than expected!” and “Love it!!!!!” and the less enthusiastic but equally important “Super tart and super delicious lol.”

But Cup O’ Beer is probably best summed up by the words of Zach Fowle, an associate editor at Draft: “A beer made with ramen noodles. What a time to be alive.”