This is not a drill: Culver’s is switching up its fountain drinks, and its Midwest consumer base has strong feelings.

Last week, the Wisconsin-based chain announced its transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola products across its almost 900 restaurants in 26 states, according to CNN. Culver’s is best known for its selection of burgers and frozen custard, with notable offerings including the ButterBurger, cheese curds, and customizable frozen treats.

Dr. Pepper as well as the iconic Culver’s root beer and teas are set to remain on the menu. All other soft drinks will be switched over to Coke products.

Cue: Everyone on the r/Wisconsin subreddit losing their dang minds. Complaints on the platform ranged from playful irritation to “I’m slightly disappointed” to promises of boycotting the chain. Some users even brought up the (alleged) declining quality of Culver’s’ cheese curds.

“Shame on Culvers! Shame! Shame! Shame!” another user commented on a r/Culvers thread, lamenting their long-term relationship with the chain’s soda foundation. “Many years, & many meals we’ve shared, but now you have thrown it all away.”

It’s only natural that the chain appropriately responded to the naysayers in what appears to be a cheeky subtweet:

Culver’s hasn’t offered an explanation for the change, but that hasn’t stopped folks from reaching their own conclusions. Theories from the recent discontinuation of Sierra Mist to mechanical servicing issues fuel the online gossip machine. Over on the company’s Facebook page, users left emotional comments in all caps and further speculated on the soda switch.

Of course, the brand change hasn’t offended every loyal Culver’s visitor. For some, the shift created a sort of cheese-filled utopia:

“This was literally my only dislike at Culver’s, they have now achieved fast food nirvana,” a reddit user remarked.

To each their own. Our hearts go out to Midwesterners during this difficult time.