Winemakers in Croatia have started making wine underwater. The Edivo winery in Drače submerges their wine in amphoras — clay jars with two handles — and has them sit and age under the sea.

A sunken boat works as a cellar for the wines, keeping the amphorae for 700 days at the ideal temperature of 60 degrees. Deep seep sea divers check on the wines. Every ten days, they have to dive to check the submerged amphoras in their locked cages, examining each bottle to make sure sea didn’t penetrate into wine, writes Croatia Week.

Croatia Gets its First Underwater Winery

“Guests now have the opportunity to see firsthand the whole process of wine amphorae in a space that exudes traditional details characteristic of the peninsula, but also the mystique of wine in amphorae,” the owners of the winery, Ivo and Anto Šegovićand Edi Bajurin, said, according to Croatia Week.

“It was important to find a location where sea flora and fauna would cover the amphora to show the richness of Adriatic sea,” writes Croatia Week. “Today, amphora cages are located in Mali Ston bay and Mljet channel. Once removed from the sea, amphoras are beautifully covered with corals, oysters and various shells giving an impression of hundreds years old sea treasure.”

You can eat locally while drinking the wines that came from the same place as your seafood.

This is definitely our first stop on our next trip to Croatia!