Stone Brewing has opened a new location in Napa, housed in the historic Borreo building, a 10,000 square foot, 141-year-old stone structure on the Napa River, Eater San Francisco reports.

Stone’s plans to open a brewery here have been in the works for a while–according to Eater, Stone has attempted to purchase this building three times before.

Stone Brewing executive chairman and co-founder, Greg Koch, said, “I fell in love with the Borreo building seven years ago when I first set foot inside. It took us some time to bring it all to fruition, but the outcome is a perfect synergy of a destination I love and an incredible historic building with tons of character that we could preserve.”

That “synergy” refers to the beers that will be brewed on site, which will be inspired by the famed wine region. According to Eater, lead brewer Steve Gonzalez will craft “Napa specific beers…sourcing local ingredients, aging in wine barrels and potentially collaborating with nearby wineries.”

The plans speak to a larger trend in craft brewing in which the lines between beer and wine are blurring. Brewers across the U.S. are crafting beer-wine hybrids, and the country is dotted with brewery-winery hybrids producing both beer and wine.

Will Stone become Napa’s next vintner? Hard to say, but the new Napa location will be serving local wines, along with 24 beers on tap, and a food menu focused on “artisanal, sustainable and local” fare.