Adding a little fuel to the rivalry between Craft Beer and Macro Beer, a recent study by The Harris Poll reveals craft beer drinkers to be healthier than their Macro beer guzzling rivals – which probably comes as no surprise to craft beer drinkers themselves, who happened to have just finished a 20 mile trail ride before reading this article while drinking a fresh-hopped IPA.

Part of the reason for the healthy habits is craft beer culture itself. Several brands, such as Oskar Blues, promote an active lifestyle as part of their brand persona. These breweries sponsor 5Ks, bike rides and other outdoor adventures constantly. The connection to these types of events probably initially came about due to the early brand’s involvement in the community combined with the fact that it was much easier and cheaper to sponsor something like this than a local music festival – when acts cost thousands of dollars, only really big brands can usually afford the sponsorship fees.

According to the study, craft beer drinkers claim to work out several times a week, and largely like to do so in groups. Two out of three craft beer drinkers said they had attended a brewery sponsored health and wellness event, compared to just 37% of Macro brew consumers. This makes sense when considering the community aspect craft beer embodies. In fact, Oskar Blues and other breweries are even known to hold group bike rides and runs for their staff at the end of the work day.

And while Craft Beer drinkers love their beer, another difference they have with macro beer consumers is that many of them report taking days off from alcohol of any kind during the week – though they admit to drinking a fair amount on the weekends. This also means they’re probably much less likely to shotgun their brews.