Good news for wine and pasta lovers emerged this week. It turns out that the country where doctors recommend people drink a glass or two of wine every day is the healthiest in the world. According to the recently released Bloomberg Global Health Index, Italy is the healthiest of all countries. In other words, it’s time to stop feeling guilty about our love for heaping plates of pasta and overflowing glasses of wine. It’s time to eat and drink like the Italians!

The index graded 163 countries based on variables like life expectancy, cause of death, high blood pressure, malnutrition, the availability of clean water, and tobacco use.

What the researchers found was that Italians have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and are in better shape than most other people around the world. The theory of why Italians are so much healthier comes back to their diet, which is one that’s rich in olive oil, lean meats and fish, and fresh vegetables – along with tons of carbs and bottles of wine.

In addition to their diet, Italians also have excellent access to healthcare. The country is filled with doctors despite the slowing economy, which allows for most in the country to take part in the preventive care that’s necessary in order to stay healthy and catch diseases in their early stages.

To put it in perspective, the U.S. was 34th on the list of the healthiest countries, with others in front of us including the majority of Europe, Japan, Israel, and Canada. Perhaps that means it’s time Americans start having a daily dose of wine and pasta.