Just in time for cartons of eggnog to turn up everywhere you look, Costco has taken the holiday drink to a new level with its Kirkland Signature Eggnog Wine Cocktail.

The bottles, initially spotted on the Instagram account @costcobuys, are a twist on the traditional eggnog beverage that includes a mix of eggs, cream, and alcohol.

Clocking in at 13.9-percent ABV, Costco’s boozy iteration is made with real dairy cream and according to the brand, tastes best when served over ice.

While eggnog with a dash (or three) of rum or brandy makes for the perfect holiday sipper, the addition of wine as an ingredient has left many people confused. In response to the @costcobuys post, user @argentineprincess said, “Wine? Why are they calling it wine?”

According to a Reddit thread, state liquor laws may play a part in the branding of the product and the “wine” used might not actually be made from grapes.

Either way, a 1.5-liter bottle of holiday fun for only $8.99? Certainly worth a shot.