When it comes to living the so-called “Corona Fine Life,” Snoop Dogg says it’s all up to you. His latest collaboration with the Mexican lager brand brings the musician’s famous positive vibes to drinkers while sippin’ on Corona Extra.

“The finest life is the one I don’t have to compare,” Snoop Dogg’s voice plays from a speaker in the Slim Can sleeve. “My Fine Life is not the same as your Fine Life and that’s juuuuuuust fine, baby.”

This is just one of the sentiments the West Coast rapper shares via the new Corona Slim Cans. The novelty insulated sleeve, which features a speaker on the bottom and a button to play short audio clips, is part of a limited-edition promotion by Corona. During a sweepstakes on the brand’s social media, lasting from Tuesday until Thursday of this week, the brand will give away the sleeves to several fans of drinking age.

Each insulated “can” (think: plastic beer koozie) features Snoop’s name on one side and Corona’s branding on the other. The Slim Can plays off of Snoop’s long-standing nickname, Silky Slim, which he tells VinePair that he developed during the 1970s.

The limited-edition beer sleeves are only offered through a Corona sweepstakes.

Rap legend Snoop Dogg has partnered with Corona since early 2020 when a beachy commercial about “Living the Fine Life” first dropped on social media.

It’s far from Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.’s first step into the adult drinks world, however. From his 19 Crimes bottles to Indoggo Gin, his personal branding in beverages has gone far beyond his roots in the much-loved track “Gin and Juice.”

With the new release of Slim Can sleeves, Snoop Dogg says he hopes to bring his laid-back attitude and positive mantras to anywhere that Corona Extra is enjoyed.

“We’re trying to find ways to be more positive with all of this negative energy that’s floating around in the world,” he tells VinePair. “We try to find some way to put peace and tranquility, and this is the best way we can figure it out.”