Beer is an essential part of sports spectatorship, but oftentimes, long lines threaten attendees’ enjoyment of the game. Lucky for Bucks fans, Fiserv Forum has a new option for ordering beers that doesn’t require leaving your seat: a beer button.

The Coors Light Beer Button is a new feature in the Bucks & Fiserv Forum App that allows game goers to order beer with the tap of an in-app “button.” Not only do fans not have to leave their seats; they are in fact required to stay put, so the beer can be delivered.

Beer Button options are slim, and steep — Coors Light or Miller Lite for $10 a piece —and according to Sports Illustrated, one can only purchase two at a time. But rest assured, you’ll never have to miss a dribble.

The button launched last Saturday, Dec. 29 when the Bucks versed the Nets, OnMilwaukee reports. According to the announcement, users must be 21 and older, have their mobile location services turned on, and “correctly enter your seat location and credit card information during the process.”

We guess it gets pretty messy in there.