coors is the most popular beer
Photo via Coors Light

Taste in beer is subjective. Yes, there are some clear favorites out there that many beer lovers will stand by (looking at you Heady Topper). But the love for macro brewed consistency runs thick in America’s veins. There’s a reason why the King of Beers, Miller, and Coors dominate in terms of beer sales.

Yet when it comes to the most loved beer brand, there can only be one. According to Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, that one is the taste of the Rockies. Coors is the most loved beer brand, and Coors Light is the most loved light beer brand for 2017.

“Making the top of the list means that your brand is seen as meeting (and sometimes exceeding) expectations consumers hold for their ideal in a particular category,” Robert Passikoff, the founder and president of Brand Keys, tells VinePair over email.

Expectations is a key word here, but you’d think people have had enough Coors and Coors Light to know what to expect.

“This year we had nine light beers that were mentioned enough to make the assessment, and 11 regular beers on that list,” Passikoff says. “Closest to the actual winners would have been Miller Lite and Corona.”

Brand Keys surveyed 49,168, 16 to 65 years old. Those people selected which brands they are customers of. When it came to getting answers to the survey, 70 percent were interviewed by phone, 25 percent interviewed face-to-face, and 5 percent were interviewed online. The brands included on the list have to have have a certain amount of engagement to be considered.

The people involved in the survey are then asked questions that “fuses emotional and rational aspects” of the product categories.

“The research technique is a combination of psychological inquiry and statistical analyses, has a test/re-test reliability of 0.93, and results generalizable at the 95% confidence level,” Passikoff says.

Coors, that cold brewed beer that markets itself as straight out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, passes brand expectations. America, you have a new king.